International Business Studies

Der Studiengang International Business Studies

The Master in International Business Studies provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the complexity of international business. Students acquire all the necessary skills required to succeed in an international environment. Special attention is given to the variety of approaches that firms choose to adapt their international operations to the diversity of laws, business practices, and cultures across the globe. The emphasis is on increasing students’ capacity to understand and analyze foreign operation modes and to make decisions related to foreign market entry and management strategies. The students develop essential communication and intercultural skills. A range of business language courses completes the international focus of the program and prepares students for a successful career in an international setting. Students in the Master in International Business Studies not only benefit from excellence in teaching and research, they also profit from a global outlook for their future careers. Students acquire vital management skills and have the opportunity to earn credits at one of our partner universities worldwide. The language of instruction is English.

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